Minecraft: The perfect circle


Minecraft: The perfect circle

A Minecraft player created a perfect circular swimming pool despite the fact that everything in the game is made of blocks.

How, you might ask? According to Kotaku, this first iteration was actually quite simple and had been done before. Simply place a rail on top a stack blocks and surround it with blocks to stop it from moving. Then, spam minecarts in the middle. Break the rail and then jump into the center of the structure. After a few hits you will see the circle begin to form as the minecarts spin around in unison. Mysticat was not satisfied with this result and wanted to create a circle you could build with.

They use command blocks to create an armor stand that rotates and doesn't collide. The armor stand then spins, spawning new armor stands facing the direction they are facing. Mysticat was shocked to see a perfect circle form in front of them.

The creator then explains how to solve problems in Minecraft. It's almost like watching magic at work, especially when they "press the button" to smoothen out rough edges. The final product is amazing, however uncanny it may seem. This is Minecraft's final product.