How to get Minecraft honeycomb?


How to get Minecraft honeycomb?

The versatile crafting material Minecraft honeycomb can be used for is very versatile. If you are familiar with nature, it should not surprise you to learn that bees are involved in its creation. You will need to be cautious when you obtain it, as you don't want to get stung or suffer from poisoning. There are specific ways you can get this sweet treat. Once you know these, you will be able make useful items such as candles and prevent the oxidization of copper. Here's how to make Minecraft honeycomb.

How to make Minecraft honeycomb

After the beehive reaches honey level 5, you can obtain Minecraft honeycomb by shearing the beehive with a pair or shears. The bees will be angry at you and drop three honeycombs. To avoid this, light a fire under the beehive or nest to let the smoke cool them down and keep them from becoming hostile.

There is an alternative way to harvest Minecraft honeycomb. It takes a bit of creativity and a lot of luck. You can set up a dispenser to launch a pair if shears at a nest of bees. The honeycomb will then appear as a dropped item, but the bees will not become hostile.

Recipes for crafting Minecraft honeycombs

There are many Minecraft honeycomb crafting ideas you can make. One of the most popular is for a beehive. This involves sandwiching three honeycombs between six planks. You will need to have some honeycomb from a beehive or found it. A honeycomb block is also possible by combining four honeycombs.

A second way to make a Minecraft honeycomb is to combine a honeycomb and string to create a candle. This can be lit with flint or steel and used to light the candles. You can also combine honeycombs with copper items to make a waxed version. This prevents copper from becoming oxidized.