How to get Cape in Minecraft?


How to get Cape in Minecraft?

Capes are one of the most rare items in Minecraft. They can indicate how long you've been playing, what events you've attended, or which mods are you using.

It is easy to obtain a cape for Minecraft. It will likely cost you some money if you are not in a certain category.

This is how you can get a cape for Minecraft using the official method or mods.

How to make a cape in Minecraft with no mods

Capes in Minecraft are often given to those who complete certain tasks or attend events.

A cape will also be given to players who attend the Minecraft Festival in late 2022.

You can purchase a few capes at any time but they are only available to Bedrock Edition.

You can equip your capes by going to Minecraft's character creation page. Change your skin and go there. There you will see all the capes that have been unlocked.

How to make a cape in Minecraft using mods such as OptiFine

Many Minecraft mods can give you a cape. OptiFine is the best mod, even though it's expensive.

OptiFine, a huge Minecraft mod, is a vast overhaul of the game's graphics engine that allows you to optimize the game for your personal computer. This is the most widely used Minecraft mod and an essential tool for anyone who wants to install shaders.

Notable: OptiFine can only be downloaded in Minecraft: Java Edition.

OptiFine allows you to create and wear custom caps in addition to performance improvements. Capes, unlike other mod features, are locked from the beginning.

OptiFine can be downloaded for free, but you will need to donate $10 to unlock your capes. This webpage allows you to donate and select your cape design. Your Minecraft username and email address will be required.

When your cape has become active, it should appear on your character when you next open the game. If your cape is not visible, ensure that you have OptiFine installed. Next, open Options and select Skin Customization. Finally, ensure that Cape is ON.

Important: If you don't have OptiFine installed, other Minecraft players won't be able see your capses. While most Minecraft servers support it some servers may temporarily remove your cape.

Open Minecraft and select Options, Skin Customization, then Open Cape Editor.