Hardened glass tutorial in Minecraft


Hardened glass tutorial in Minecraft

Hardened glass is an additional glass type introduced in Minecraft: Education Edition that is sturdier and provides more weight for certain objects to be placed on it. Additionally, players can even make panes of the same glass.

Players should note, however, that creating hardened glass panes in Minecraft: Education Edition is slightly different than standard glass panes. Instead of forming panes directly from glass blocks, they will need certain chemical compounds and either ordinary or stained glass panes in order to create the hardened versions.

Hardened glass blocks are created separately and have no bearing on creating hardened glass panes.

To create hardened glass panes, Minecraft players will need three Aluminum Oxide, three Boron Trioxide, and either three glass panes or three stained glass panes of the same color.

Glass panes are easily created from glass blocks and colored with dyes found throughout Minecraft. However, finding Aluminum Oxide and Boron Trioxide will require combining elements in the compound creator block.

Inside the compound creator, players will need two Aluminum and three Oxygen for one piece of Aluminum Oxide. This means a total of six Aluminum and nine Oxygen will be required to make the necessary Aluminum Oxide for one batch of hardened glass panes.

Likewise, Boron Trioxide will require two Boron and three Oxygen per unit. Those wanting to make hardened glass panes will once again need a total of six Boron and nine Oxygen elements.

Elements that are formed into compounds in Minecraft: Education Edition can be obtained in a number of ways. Primary methods include using the element constructor block or the material reducer block. Apart from that, players and students can attempt to use the Creative Mode inventory and manually pluck the needed resources out and into their inventory.

Once players have their materials, simply open the crafting grid of the nearest crafting table. Place the three Aluminum Oxide compounds in a line horizontally across the top slots, with the Boron Trioxide doing the same at the bottom.

Lastly, fill the final three center-row slots with glass panes or stained glass panes and voila! The players have created their own hardened glass panes.