Fancy new age designs in Minecraft


Fancy new age designs in Minecraft

There are many Minecraft house plans online, but modern houses have become the most sought-after style in recent years.

Modern houses are a popular choice because of their clever designs and clever use of redstone mechanics.

5) A modern house in a modern place

First, a tutorial by Minecraft YouTuber JINTUBE shows how to build an open-plan modern Minecraft house.

This one-floor luxury building is not only beautiful but also very practical.

This particular build includes many useful amenities, such as an outdoor cooking area and a fishing pond.

4) Big modern house

This large-scale build by Minecraft YouTuber A1MOSTADDICTED MINERCRAFT may be a great choice for those who have limited resources like wood, quartz, and stone.

This build is not inexpensive to make, but it's a great investment for those who have the means. Modern design is not only striking, but also highly functional. It has large storage, loot and smelting areas.

Modern compact house

This modern house built by YouTuber 6tenstudio is a winner in terms of functionality and space.

This build is ideal for gamers who are in tight spaces, such as when they play on a multiplayer Minecraft faction server.

2) Modern water house

The design of a modern Minecraft house with a moat was captured by the popular Minecraft YouTuber, "Random Steve Guy".

This modern house is a little bit of a gimmick but it stands out from the rest. The water surrounding the house can slow down mobs and protect against creeper explosions.

1) Modern Minecraft villa

The final build is a fancy-looking, modern vanilla created by "Akila Gaming", a well-known Minecraft YouTuber. Its cutting-edge design makes it look like something from a sci-fi film.

This build is beautiful but it can be expensive. It may not be the best choice for early players. This build can take players several days to complete due to its size.