Best loot in end city


Best loot in end city

Minecraft End Cities is one of many structures that players can find in Minecraft. These beautiful castle-like designs can be found on the outer islands in the End Dimensions. End Cities are a unique place to find loot, and they are one of the most desired locations in Minecraft.

These cities were once home to Shulkers and contain many tall towers that are interconnected. It is smaller than the End City but still has one of the most rare and exclusive loots available in-game.

The End City can be found by killing the Ender Dragon, opening an End Gateway and teleporting them to the outer islands. They can either do that or bridge over the dark abyss until they reach the islands.

They can also create a flying vehicle that will transport them to the outer islands. This article will focus on the five most valuable loot that Minecraft players can obtain from an End City.

One of the most valuable loots available to the End Ships is the Instant Health II potions. When consumed, these potions instantly restore four hearts. These potions can be found in the End Ship's Brewing Stand.

Players can also make the potions by using a Glistening Melon. These potions not only restore health, but also cause damage to nearby undead mobs if they are converted into a splash potion.

4) Shulker shells

The Shulkers, local residents who live in the End Cities, are the ones who inhabit them. These hostile mobs in the shape of boxes protect the treasures within the city and act as guardians. These mobs can be killed to earn Shulker Shells that can be used for crafting Shulker boxes.

Shulker Boxes can be used as additional storage space. They can be made using two Shulker Shells, a Chest and two Shulker Shells. These boxes provide 27 additional inventory slots for players and can be dyed with various colors.

3) Loot chests

These loot boxes are unique in that they contain rare items like enchanted tools or diamond armor or tools. These are just a few examples.

Along with Ender Chest, players can find up to three loot chests within an End City. These chests can be found in the highest room of the city. These chests are difficult to find, so players might need to parkour their way to the top.

2) Dragon Head

This item can only be found on an End Ship. Dragon Head is a decorative block that can be used for decoration. However, players can use it in the helmet slot. Dragon Head cannot be dropped once you have killed the Ender Dragon, unlike other mob heads.

It is also the only mobhead that can be naturally generated in a world. The jaw of the Dragon Head can move when placed on a Redstone block. You can also see this when the Dragon Head is worn and walked around.

1) Elytra

An Elytra is the best loot from an End City or End Ship. These magnificent wings allow players to fly in Survival mode.

This treasure is located in the End Ship's treasure room. It is the main reason players travel to the End Dimension. To get this beauty, players need to take all the risks involved in moving between islands and across the void.

They can be worn in the chestplate slot if they have the Elytra.

You can Enchant Elytra by applying Mending so that it doesn't break. You can also repair them with Phantom Membranes. Traveling will be a breeze after you have used Elytra and rockets.