Automatic creeper farm in Minecraft


Automatic creeper farm in Minecraft

In Minecraft, mob loot can be very important. Some items, such as rotten flesh and other items, are rarely obtained from any other than a slain mob.

Some mobs can drop more than the usual drops. Witches can drop potions, zombies can drop iron, copper ingots, etc. Mob farms are frequently constructed because of this.

Because they can be frustrating and annoying, Creepers are often overlooked. Although they are not fun to fight, they can drop valuable items. They will drop XP or gunpowder unless there are other circumstances. This can be difficult to find.

Many players want to build an AFK creeper farming farm. Here are some ways they can do it.

Guide for building an AFK creeper farm on Minecraft

First, it should be noted that creepers can be spawned by all mob farms. It is difficult to prevent all other mobs spawning from the mob farm so it only kills creepers. It's easier to create a mob farm than it is to let the mobs spawn.

Step 1: Start building the farm

Mob farms should be fully encased. It is best to have no light as hostile mobs cannot spawn in darkness. You can make it as large as you like, but five to six blocks is recommended.

The bigger the mobs can spawn in, the better, but it will take more work.

Step 2: Lower the height of the farm

Java Edition has a way to limit how many mobs can be spawned. The farm can be built two blocks high, which is sufficient space to allow almost all hostile mobs to spawn. Endermen are slightly taller.

Placing trap doors on the ceiling blocks lowers the height by just one block. This eliminates any possibility for creepers to spawn.

Minecraft Wiki says it works with Java Edition, but not in Bedrock.

Although spiders may still spawn in the creeper farms, they are smaller than two blocks. However, two mobs spawning is more effective than all other mobs.

Step 3: Force mobs to their deaths

Users should place a row water source blocks on one side of their farm. Because water can't flow far, the farm must be eight blocks long. The mobs will then flow to the end and are placed onto the harmful blocks.

Step 4: Make sure that they die and that you get the loot

There must be a killing mechanism at the water's end. You can do this with magma cubes or campfires.

This step involves the second part, which is to collect the loot. A hopper and chests are the key to an AFK-farm. A minecart equipped with a hopper may be mounted on powered rails. It will collect the items and then deposit them in hoppers below.

For the final deposit of loot, gamers will need to connect chests in front of the hoppers.

Step 5: Make certain no light gets in

It allows Minecraft players to walk far enough to reach the chests.

This is to ensure that no light can penetrate the farm when Minecraft users enter it. It is difficult to keep light out of a mob farm while still allowing for loot and access to the inside.

A dark oak door is a great way to achieve this. It doesn't allow in any light.

Step 6: Get AFK

After all the necessary setup is completed, Minecraft gamers can now go AFK to wait for creepers spawn. It is a good idea to be near the farm to ensure that mobs actually spawn.

They can place themselves in a safe area, abandon their keyboard or controller, and then wait for the loot.